If your son or daughter is in school, you will want to begin the process of investigating vocational alternatives to help your child realize their career potential.  Many children with disabilities have the ability and desire to begin a vocational program even before they exit the school system.  New Horizons can work with the school system to develop a program that introduces the student to the world of work while still attending school.  If you believe your child can benefit from vocational programs, talk to your school administrator about your alternatives (and your rights) for vocational training and programs such as those offered by New Horizons for your child.  You may not be aware of the many choices that could be available to you.

If you would like to talk to someone at New Horizons about the future of your child and the types of transition or post school services that may be available to them, the staff at New Horizons will be happy to meet with you.  If your son or daughter has already exited the school system, he or she may benefit from a vocational program at New Horizons.  One of our strengths is our wide array of available services for individuals with all ranges of abilities.  Click on the link for “Programs & Services” to see the numerous programs available.

For additional details, call our administrative office at (248) 340-0559 and talk to our Director of Rehabilitation Services or call one of our branch locations and talk to the manager of the facility. Telephone numbers are listed under “Contact Us” from the Home page.