New Horizons has many competitive and appealing benefits that we offer. These benefits are designed to assist employees in meeting financial burdens that can result from illness, disability and death. All benefit programs may be changed or modified at the discretion of the New Horizons Board of Trustees.

Health Insurance

New Horizons offers comprehensive health care coverage with options of an HMO or PPO plan. In addition, participants can set up a Health Savings Account to spend health care dollars wisely. Health insurance coverage requires a contribution per month by the employee.

Dental Insurance

New Horizons offers a dental plan comparable to other leading organizations

Life Insurance

Life insurance coverage is based on annual salary and is provided after one year of employment at no cost.

Retirement/Pension Plan

New Horizons offers an employer funded (403b) Tax-Deferred Annuity Plan to employees with a discretionary match after two years of service.

Disability/Accident Wage Continuation Plan

Regular full-time employees who have completed one year of service with New Horizons are eligible for voluntary short term and employer funded long term disability and accident insurance.

Paid Time Off

All regular full-time employees receive Personal Time Off (PTO) time that is accrued as follows:

  • 0-1 year 15 days per year
  • After 1 year 17 days per year
  • After 2 years 20 days per year
  • After 3 years 22 days per year
  • After 5 years 25 days per year
  • After 8 years 27 days per year
  • After 10 years 30 days per year

Paid Holidays

All regular full-time employees receive 9 paid holidays plus Christmas week 12/24-12/31.

Monthly Expense Reimbursement

New Horizons will reimburse employees for reasonable business expenses, including transportation, professional dues, and expenses incurred for conference and professional meetings.

Tuition Assistance

Regular full-time employees who have at least one year of employment are eligible for reimbursement of approved classes leading to a degree or classes that have a direct application to their job classification at New Horizons.

Seminars and Training

Employees are encouraged to attend job-related seminars and are provided formal training of classes directly associated with their job.